Mr. Renner

Hello! Welcome to First Grade, Room 401!

Teaching History/Experience
I began teaching in 2004 and have experience teaching kindergarten, first, second, third, and fifth grades. First grade is my area of expertise with nine years of teaching experience in that grade level.

Teaching Philosophy
I believe that the foundation for a successful learning experience starts with creating a strong classroom community. When students feel known, accepted, and supported by all members of their class family, they are willing to take the types of academic and social risks that promote the development of important skills. Getting to know my students in terms of their interests, needs, and strengths is probably one of the most effective ways to meet their needs as a teacher in conjunction with building authentic, open relationships with parents.

In primary classrooms teachers are responsible for teaching multiple content areas on a daily basis. By integrating content areas, students' learning experiences become interconnected in a wrap-around approach that supports a deeper understanding of content through the development of academic and skills. I feel that this approach prepares students to apply their skills and knowledge outside the educational setting.

Connecting with community members and local institutions through field trip experiences is another powerful way that students further develop and apply their skills and content knowledge. To supplement learning in the classroom, I believe in providing high quality learning experiences that are aligned with learning goals and content areas. Doing this also helps students see that their learning is not bound to the classroom but extends into their community.
I truly love what I do and feel that it is an honor to have a part in the educational and social development of my students. The greatest reward is when a student's faces lights up and they say, "I get it!" Those are the moments that remind me how special this profession is.

Recognition/Awards/Special Certifications

When I'm not busy in the classroom, I enjoy spending time outdoors hiking, biking, paddling, and working in my garden. I also raise goats and have a great time making homemade cheese and soap.

My favorite things in life, aside from my friends and family, are spending time outdoors and learning new things. I'm always ready to take on a new hobby or learn a new recipe. Next on my list is beekeeping!

Links to other resources
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Contact Info

Name: Michael Renner
Email Address: [email protected]
Phone number: (619) 584-6000 x.2401

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